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Rosenbush et al. 2002

Rosenbush, V., N. Kiselev, V. Avramchuk, and M. Mishchenko, 2002: Photometric and polarimetric opposition phenomena exhibited by solar system bodies. In Optics of Cosmic Dust. G. Videen and M. Kocifaj, Eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 191-224.

Ground-based and spacecraft observations of atmosphereless solar system bodies (planets, satellites, planetary rings, and asteroids) and cometary and interplanetary dust particles have provided a wealth of new photometric and polarimetric data over a wide range of phase angles and wavelengths. This chapter reviews the progress in the study of the photometric and polarimetric phase effects observed near opposition. We also present the results of recent polarimetric observations of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter, Iapetus, and the asteroid 64 Angelina at very small phase angles. Analyses of the available data allowed us to determine the parameteres of the brightness and polarization opposition effects and investigate correlations between them. The results obtained may form the observational basis for detailed theoretical modeling and interpretation of the phase effects.

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