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Roach et al. 2024

Roach, L.A., M.M. Smith, A. Herman, and D. Ringeisen, 2024: Physics of the seasonal sea ice zone. Annu. Rev. Mar. Sci., early on-line, doi:10.1146/annurev-marine-121422-015323.

The seasonal sea ice zone encompasses the region between the winter maximum and summer minimum sea ice extent. In both the Arctic and Antarctic, the majority of the ice cover can now be classified in this zone. Here we review the sea ice physics that governs evolution of seasonal sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic, spanning sea ice melt, growth and dynamics and including interactions with ocean surface waves as well as other coupled processes. The advent of coupled wave-ice modeling and discrete element modeling, together with improved and expanded satellite observations and field campaigns, have yielded advances in process understanding. Many topics remain in need of further investigation, including rheologies appropriate for seasonal sea ice, wave-induced sea ice fracture, welding for sea ice freeze-up, and the distribution of snow on seasonal sea ice. Future research should aim to redress biases (such as disparities in focus between the Arctic and Antarctic, or summer and winter processes) and connect observations to modeling across spatial scales.

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