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Rosenzweig et al. 2022

Rosenzweig, C., M. Parry, and M. De Mel (Eds.), 2022: Our Warming Planet: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation. Lectures in Climate Change, Vol. 2. World Scientific, doi:10.1142/12312.

Publishers description: This volume, the second in the Lectures in Climate Change series, covers the full array of climate impacts and adaptation measures. It has been brought together by friends and colleagues of Dr Martin Parry, Co-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007 assessment on impacts and adaptation. The writers are experts in this field and have been lead authors in many of the IPCC assessments and other major publications.

Lectures in Climate Change is a unique combination of written text plus electronic slides that together comprise an informative and up-to-date set of presentations. This second volume, entitled "Our Warming Planet: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation", covers areas of climate impacts related to climate science, methods and approaches, sectors, regional and national studies, and policy and practice.

The volume comprises topics such as current and future challenges of climate change, global assessments, downscaling, community-based adaptation, impacts on biodiversity, food systems, water resources, and cities. Research from across the world is presented on making science actionable through assessments, early warning and early action, communicating climate risk, documenting the uptake of adaptation on the global front, and transformation towards systemic resilience.

Included with this publication are downloadable electronic slides and accompanying notes of each lecture for students, teachers, and public speakers around the world to be better able to understand and present climate change impacts and adaptation.

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