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Rosenzweig 1989

Rosenzweig, C., 1989: Global climate change: Predictions and observations. Amer. J. Agric. Econ., 71, no. 5, 1265-1271.

There are only three certainties concerning the current issue of global climate change: (a) Trace gases which absorb longwave infrared radiation in the earth's atmosphere are increasing due to anthropogenic activities. (b) Increases in absorption oflongwave radiation are likely to alter the earth's energy balance, leading to warming of the earth's surface. And (c) global surface air temperatures are rising. Beyond these three incontrovertible statements, uncertainties multiply as to causality of observed warming, magnitude and rate of change of potential warming, effects on the hydrological cycle, regional specification of change, and, finally, impacts of the projected changes on biological, physical, and economic systems.

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JO  - American Journal of Agricultural Economics
VL  - 71
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