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Rossow 1978

Rossow, W.B., 1978: Cloud microphysics: Analysis of the clouds of Earth, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Icarus, 36, 1-50, doi:10.1016/0019-1035(78)90072-6.

A simple method of deducing the probable microphysics of a cloud is developed that uses only information about cloud particle mean size, composition, number density, and atmospheric structure. This analysis is applied to the sulfuric acid clouds of Venus, the water ice and dust clouds of Mars, and the ammonia-water and ammonia ice clouds of Jupiter. The Venus cloud layer most closely resembles smog and haze layers on Earth with no sharp concentration gradients. The cloud microphysics is dominated by coagulation, sedimentation, and turbulent mixing. No precipitation is formed. The water ice clouds on Mars resemble tenuous, non-precipitating cirrus clouds on Earth. Deposition of condensed water on Mars only occurs from surface fogs or direct condensation on the surface. These fogs can provide a very efficient dust deposition mechanism. The observed settling behavior of the great dust storm of 1971 suggests sedimentation at the surface from a turbulent cloud with coagulation growth of large particles to replace those lose by sedimentation, analogous to the nighttime evolution of submicron tropospheric aerosols on Earth. The ammonia-water and ammonia ice clouds on Jupiter produce precipitation on time scales < 104 sec. The vertical structure of all clouds is significantly altered. The activity of the lower ammonia-water cloud has significant effects on the vertical distribution of other gases and aerosols, on the vertical transport of heat, and on the dynamics in this portion of the atmosphere.

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ID  - ro01300e
AU  - Rossow, W. B.
PY  - 1978
TI  - Cloud microphysics: Analysis of the clouds of Earth, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter
JA  - Icarus
VL  - 36
SP  - 1
EP  - 50
DO  - 10.1016/0019-1035(78)90072-6
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