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Rind et al. 2009

Rind, D., R.A. Kahn, M. Chin, S.E. Schwartz, L.A. Remer, G. Feingold, H. Yu, P. Quinn, and R. Halthore, 2009: The way forward. In Aerosol Properties and Their Impacts on Climate, U.S. Climate Change Science Program Synthesis and Assessment Product 2.3. M. Chin, R.A. Kahn, and S.E. Schwartz, Eds., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, pp. 98-104.

This volume has emphasized that despite the increase in understanding aerosol forcing of the climate system, many important uncertainties remain. By way of perspective, that concerted effort has been directed toward this issue only for about the past 20 years. In view of the variety of aerosol types and emissions, uncertain microphysical properties, great temporal and spatial variability, and the added complexity of aerosol-cloud interactions, it is easy to understand why much more work is required to define anthropogenic aerosol forcing with confidence comparable to that for other climate forcing agents.

When comparing surface temperature changes calculated by climate models with those observed, the IPCC AR4 noted "broad consistency" between the modeled and observed temperature record over the industrial period. However, understanding of the degree to which anthropogenic aerosols offset the better-established greenhouse gas forcing is still inadequate. This limits confidence in the predicted magnitude of climate response to future changes in greenhouse gases and aerosols.

This chapter briefly summarizes the major research needs that have been highlighted in previous chapters, recognizing that achieving them will not necessarily be easy or straightforward. Although some important accomplishments will likely be possible in the next decade, others may, realistically, take considerably longer.

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