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Quaas et al. 2017

Quaas, J., D. Rosenfeld, M. Andreae, G. Feingold, A. Fridlind, R. Kahn, P. Stier, K. Suzuki, S. van den Heever, and R. Wood, 2017: First results from ACPC case studies on aerosol effects on shallow and deep clouds. GEWEX News, 27, no. 2, 7-8.

The Aerosols-Clouds-Precipitation-and-Climate (ACPC) Initiative aims at a better understanding and quanti cation of the impact of aerosol perturbations on clouds, radiation, precipitation, latent heating and atmospheric circulation. Following roadmaps de ned and iterated at earlier meetings, and a comprehensive review paper summarizing earlier work within ACPC (Rosenfeld et al., 2014), the initiative focuses on two cloud regimes — shallow marine clouds and deep convective clouds. Ongoing work and recent results were discussed at a workshop held at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef in Germany from 2-6 April 2017.

Research on deep convective clouds is currently focused on isolated convective cells over Houston, Texas, USA. is research is guided by the substantial perturbation in cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) concentrations caused by pollution from Houston in onshore ow that is in contrast to much less polluted conditions in the vicinity as observed by new satellite products. The aerosol perturbation under onshore flow conditions o ers the possibility of observing the evolution of convective cells under relatively uniform thermodynamic conditions.

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