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Price 1969

Price, M.J., 1969: A relaxation method for the computation of model stellar atmospheres. Astrophys. Space Sci., 4, 181-212, doi:10.1007/BF00650951.

A general Monte Carlo relaxation method has been formulated for the computation of physically self-consistent model stellar atmospheres. The local physical state is obtained by solving simultaneously the equations of statistical equilibrium for the atomic and ionic level populations, the kinetic energy balance equation for the electron gas to obtain the electron temperature, and the equation of radiative transfer. Anisotropic Thomson scattering is included in the equation of transfer and radiation pressure effects are included in the hydrostatic equation. The constraints of hydrostatic and radiative equilibrium are enforced. Local thermodynamic equilibrium (L.T.E.) is assumed as a boundary condition deep in the atmosphere. Elsewhere in the atmosphere L.T.E. is not assumed.

The statistical equilibrium equations are solved with no assumptions made concerning detailed balance for the bound-bound radiative processes. The source function is formulated in microscopic detail. All atomic processes contributing to the absorption and emission of radiation are included. The kinetic energy balance equation for the electron gas is formulated in detail. All atomic processes by which kinetic energy is gained and lost by the electron gas are included.

The method has been applied to the computation of a model atmosphere for a pure hydrogen early-type star. An idealized model of the hydrogen atom with five bound levels and the continuum was adopted. The results of the trial calculation are discussed with reference to stability, accuracy, and convergence of the solution.

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ID  - pr00400a
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TI  - A relaxation method for the computation of model stellar atmospheres
JA  - Astrophys. Space Sci.
JO  - Astrophysics and Space Science
VL  - 4
SP  - 181
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DO  - 10.1007/BF00650951
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