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Peteet 1987

Peteet, D.M., 1987: Paleoenvironmental shift in maritime Canada parallels Europe. Trends Ecol. Evol., 2, 86-87, doi:10.1016/0169-5347(87)90162-5.

Particular time intervals in the geological past seem to invoke recurring cycles of interest. Once again, attention is centred upon the late-glacial, the period of a few thousand years between the last ice age and the warmer climate of the last 10000 years.

Geomorphological, lithological, faunal and floral evidence point to a rapid climatic deterioration during this interval throughout Western Europe. The 'Younger Dryas' oscillation, the most recent and abrupt lateglacial return to cold conditions, is often represented by fossil remains of Dryas, a small herbaceous genus of the tundra. Whether the same climatic reversal, approximately 11000-10000 years BP, took place in North America or elsewhere has been controversial. The geographic distribution and timing of this event is important for understanding the mechanisms and causes of rapid climate change.

Mott et al., in a recent publication in Nature, present evidence for such an oscillation in Atlantic Canada.

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