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Peteet 1991

Peteet, D.M., 1991: Postglacial migration history of lodgepole pine near Yakutat, Alaska. Can. J. Botany, 69, 786-796.

Pollen stratigraphy from three peat sections near Yakutat, Alaska, suggests that lodgepole pine only recently arrived in southeastern Alaska. In contrast with this palynological interpretation, however, are lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) macrofossils that are present throughout one entire peat core. 14C dating by acclerator mass spectrometry confirms the establishment of lodgepole pine in this region of Alaska about 10000 BP. The surprising disparity betwen the pollen and macrofossil results has important implications for paleomigration research. These results imply that the use of assigned pollen percentages to indicate the presence of a species within a region may not be valid, particularly where a species is at the edge of its geographic range. Comparison of the timing of the first appearance of lodgepole pine pollen from a dozen sections along the north Pacific coast suggests either a late Wisconsinan refugium for this pine in southeastern Alaska or extremely rapid late-glacial coastal migration northwestward following ice retreat.

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