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Patz et al. 2002

Patz, J.A., M. Hulme, C. Rosenzweig, T.D. Mitchell, R.A. Goldberg, A.K. Githeko, S. Lele, A.J. McMichael, and D. Le Sueur, 2002: Regional warming and malaria resurgence. Nature, 420, 627-628, doi:10.1038/420627a.

Disease outbreaks are known to be often influenced by local weather, but how changes in disease trends might be affected by long-term global warming is more difficult to establish. In a study of malaria in the African highlands, Hay et al. found no significant change in long-term climate at four locations where malaria incidence has been increasing since 1976. We contend, however, that their conclusions are likely to be flawed by their inappropriate use of a global climate data set. Moreover, the absence of a historical climate signal allows no inference to be drawn about the impact of future climate change on malaria in the region. the existence of critical climate thresholds, the association between change in malaria incidence and change in climate can be biologically meaningful, even without "significant" climate change.

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