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Paustian et al. 2004

Paustian, K., B.A. Babcock, J. Hatfield, C.L. Kling, R. Lal, B.A. McCarl, S. McLaughlin, A.R. Mosier, W.M. Post, C.W. Rice, G.P. Robertson, N.J. Rosenberg, C. Rosenzweig, W.H. Schlesinger, and D. Zilberman, 2004: Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: Challenges and Opportunities for Agriculture. Task Force Report No. 141. Council for Agricultural Science and Technology.

Agriculture is both a source and a sink for greenhouse gases (GHGs). As a source, agriculture can be burdened by regulations designed to curtail the growth in GHGs. As a sink (where carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere to increase storage of carbon [C] in soils), agriculture can benefit from those same regulations. This report synthesizes research on both mitigation of agricultural GHG emissions and enhancement of agriculture's ability to mitigate GHGs from nonagricultural sources. An improved understanding of the biophysical and public policy processes involved in translating a change in farming practices to a change in GHG emissions is essential to minimize the loss and maximize the gain from any future regulations.

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