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Papa et al. 2010

Papa, F., C. Prigent, F. Aires, C. Jimenez, W.B. Rossow, and E. Matthews, 2010: Interannual variability of surface water extent at global scale, 1993-2004. J. Geophys. Res., 115, D12111, doi:10.1029/2009JD012674.

Land surface waters play a primary role in the global water cycle and climate. As a consequence, there is a widespread demand for accurate and long-term quantitative observations of their distribution over the whole globe. This study presents the first global dataset that quantifies the monthly distribution of surface water extent at ∼25km sampling intervals over 12 years (1993-2004). These estimates, generated from complementary multiple satellite observations, including passive (SSM/I) and active (ERS scatterometer) microwave along with visible and near-infrared imagery (AVHRR), were first developed over 1993-2000. ERS encountered technical problems in 2001 and the processing scheme had to be adapted to extend the time series. We investigate and discuss here the adjustments of the methodology, compare the various options and show that the dataset can be extended with good confidence beyond 2000, using ERS and AVHRR mean-monthly climatologies. In addition to a large seasonal and inter-annual variability, the new results show a slight overall decrease in global inundated area between 1993 and 2004, representing a ∼5.7% reduction in 12 years of the mean annual maximum. The decrease is mainly observed in the tropics during the 1990s. Over inland water bodies and large river basins, we assess the variability of the surface water extent against related variables such as in situ river discharges, altimeter-derived and in situ rivers/floodplains water level heights and precipitation estimates. This new 12-year dataset of global surface water extent represents an unprecedented source of information for future hydrological or methane modeling.

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