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Nickolaenko et al. 2011

Nickolaenko, A.P., I.G. Kudintseva, O. Pechonaya, M. Hayakawa, T. Nakamura, Y. Hobara, and Y. Tanaka, 2011: Impact of a gamma-ray burst on the Schumann resonance. Radiophys. Quantum Electron., 53, 542-556, doi:10.1007/s11141-011-9249-9.

We compare the experimental and simulated data on the impact of an extragalactic gamma-ray burst of December 27, 2004 on the global electromagnetic resonance. It is known from measurements of the signals of ultralong-wave radio stations that the ionizing radiation descended the ionosphere over the dayside hemisphere by 20 km. Such a disturbance should change the eigenfrequencies of the Earth-ionosphere cavity and affect the shape of the observed spectrum of extremely low-frequency Earth's radio noise. The results of observations and modeling of the Schumann-resonance variation under the action of a gamma-ray burst are compared. We employ two models. In the simpler one, the ionospheric disturbance is averaged over the entire globe. The second model allows for the day-night nonuniformity. It is shown that both models yield similar predictions and the effect little depends on the day-night nonuniformity. Since the ionosphere carries the positive electric charge, its vertical displacement causes a current which serves as a "parametric" impulse source of the electromagnetic field. The global size of the source results in that the pulse contains only the lower Schumann-resonance frequency. The extremely low-frequency pulse coincides in time with the gamma-ray burst arrival. The results of observations in the Moshiri observatory (Japan) at the time of a gamma-ray burst, which are compared with the calculation for this observatory are presented. It is shown that both a modification of the Schumann resonance sonogram and a parametric extremely low-frequency radio pulse have been detected in the record.

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DO  - 10.1007/s11141-011-9249-9
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