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Nazarenko et al. 1998

Nazarenko, L., G. Holloway, and N. Tausnev, 1998: Dynamics of transport of "Atlantic signature" in the Arctic Ocean. J. Geophys. Res., 103, 31003-31015, doi:10.1029/1998JC900017.

Understanding the circulation of the Arctic is the basis for considering questions relating to transport of contaminants from all sources. In this study a numerical ice-ocean model has been used to address problems of the dispersion and transport pathways of contaminants in the water column. We investigate sensitivity of the contaminant distribution to parameterization of sub-grid-scale eddies and to numerical representation of tracer advection. An implementation of flux-corrected transport helps preserve tracer properties along their advective paths. Eddy parameterization is found to be important insofar as eddy-topography interactions contribute to propelling and sustaining narrow boundary currents. These boundary currents, cyclonic around the Arctic and each of its subbasins, are the main vehicle that transports Atlantic water properties. Consideration of ice and ocean models together does not lead to significant alterations in distribution of Atlantic properties. Although inclusions of sea ice affects circulation of the upper (halocline) layers, the main transport of Atlantic properties occurs in deeper layers, which are much less affected by ice processes.

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ID  - na01000b
AU  - Nazarenko, L.
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TI  - Dynamics of transport of "Atlantic signature" in the Arctic Ocean
JA  - J. Geophys. Res.
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