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Myhre et al. 2022

Myhre, G., B. Samset, P.M. Forster, Ø. Hodnebrog, M. Sandstad, C.W. Mohr, J. Sillmann, C.W. Stjern, T. Andrews, O. Boucher, G. Faluvegi, T. Iversen, J.-F. Lamarque, M. Kasoar, A. Kirkevåg, R. Kramer, L. Liu, J. Mülmenstädt, D. Olivié, J. Quaas, T.B. Richardson, D. Shawki, D. Shindell, C. Smith, P. Stier, T. Tang, T. Takemura, A. Voulgarakis, and D. Watson-Parris, 2022: Scientific data from precipitation driver response model intercomparison project. Sci. Data, 9, no. 1, 123, doi:10.1038/s41597-022-01194-9.

This data descriptor reports the main scientific values from General Circulation Models (GCMs) in the Precipitation Driver and Response Model Intercomparison Project (PDRMIP). The purpose of the GCM simulations has been to enhance the scientific understanding of how changes in greenhouse gases, aerosols, and incoming solar radiation perturb the Earth's radiation balance and its climate response in terms of changes in temperature and precipitation. Here we provide global and annual mean results for a large set of coupled atmospheric-ocean GCM simulations and a description of how to easily extract files from the dataset. The simulations consist of single idealized perturbations to the climate system and have been shown to achieve important insight in complex climate simulations. We therefore expect this data set to be valuable and highly used to understand simulations from complex GCMs and Earth System Models for various phases of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project.

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ID  - my09100t
AU  - Myhre, G.
AU  - Samset, B.
AU  - Forster, P. M.
AU  - Hodnebrog, Ø.
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AU  - Takemura, T.
AU  - Voulgarakis, A.
AU  - Watson-Parris, D.
PY  - 2022
TI  - Scientific data from precipitation driver response model intercomparison project
JA  - Sci. Data
VL  - 9
IS  - 1
SP  - 123
DO  - 10.1038/s41597-022-01194-9
ER  -

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