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Murphy and Myers 1985

Murphy, D.C., and P.C. Myers, 1985: CO emission structure in the Taurus molecular cloud complex. Astrophys. J., 298, 818-826, doi:10.1086/163663.

A survey of the J = 1→0 2.6 mm transition of CO covering 11.5 deg2 toward the Taurus dark cloud complex reveals three indications of systematic velocity structure:

1. Emission from the Barnard 18 region has a local minimum at low LSR velocity, a local maximum at intermediate velocity, and a local minimum at high velocity. This structure is interpreted as emission from a shell fragment of diameter ∼3 pc expanding at ∼2 km/s. Stellar winds from T Tauri stars may have sufficient momentum to power the shell expansion.

2. A well-known velocity gradient along the filament which includes Barnard 18 is verified and has a mag- nitude of 0.11±0.02 km/s/pc. This gradient is most likely due to a mild rotation of the filament (DL 2).

3. A new velocity gradient has been observed toward the northwestern part of Heiles Cloud 2 with a projected value of 0.40±0.09 km/s/pc. Neither gradient is large enough to contribute significantly to the observed line widths.

The integrated intensity of the 12CO emission indicates that the masses of Heiles Cloud 2 and DL 2 are 800 M and 600 M, respectively. Masses are also estimated by modeling the clouds as virial equilibrium configurations assuming three different geometries. The virial masses are significantly larger (by factors 3-6) than the masses based on integrated 12CO intensity, regardless of the geometric assumptions employed.

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