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Mishchenko et al. 2006

Mishchenko, M.I., L.D. Travis, and A.A. Lacis, 2006: Multiple Scattering of Light by Particles: Radiative Transfer and Coherent Backscattering. Cambridge University Press.

This volume provides a thorough and up-to-date treatment of multiple scattering of light and other electromagnetic radiation in media composed of randomly and sparsely distributed particles. For the first time in monographic literature, the radiative transfer theory (RTT) is systematically and consistently presented as a branch of classical macroscopic electromagnetics. The book traces the fundamental link between the RTT and the effect of coherent backscattering (CB) and explains their place in the context of a comprehensive hierarchy of electromagnetic scattering problems. Dedicated sections present a thorough discussion of the physical meaning and range of applicability of the radiative transfer equation (RTE) and compare the self-consistent microphysical and the traditional phenomenological approaches to radiative transfer. The work describes advanced techniques for solving the RTE and gives examples of physically based applications of the RTT and CB in noninvasive particle characterization and remote sensing. This thorough and self-contained book will be valuable for science professionals, engineers, and graduate students working in a wide range of disciplines including optics, electromagnetics, remote sensing, atmospheric radiation, astrophysics, and biomedicine.

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