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McGraw et al. 2020

McGraw, Z., T. Storelvmo, R.O. David, and N. Sagoo, 2020: Global radiative impacts of mineral dust perturbations through stratiform clouds. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 125, no. 23, e2019JD031807, doi:10.1029/2019JD031807.

Airborne mineral dust influences cloud occurrence and optical properties, which may provide a pathway for recent and future changes in dust concentration to alter the temperature at Earth's surface. However, despite prior suggestions that dust-cloud interactions are an important control on the Earth's radiation balance, we find global mean cloud radiative effects to be insensitive to widespread dust changes. Here we simulate uniformly applied shifts in dust amount in a present-day atmosphere using a version of the CAM5 atmosphere model (within CESM v1.2.2) modified to incorporate laboratory-based ice nucleation parameterizations in stratiform clouds. Increasing and decreasing dustiness from current levels to paleoclimate extremes caused effective radiative forcings through clouds of +0.02±0.01 and -0.05±0.02 W/m2, respectively, with ranges of -0.26 to +0.13 W/m2 and -0.21 to +0.39 W/m2 from sensitivity tests. Our simulations suggest that these forcings are limited by several factors. Longwave and shortwave impacts largely cancel, particularly in mixed-phase clouds, while in warm and cirrus clouds opposite responses between regions further reduce each global forcing. Additionally, changes in dustiness cause opposite forcings through aerosol indirect effects in mixed-phase clouds as in cirrus, while in warm clouds indirect effects are weak at nearly all locations. Nevertheless, regional forcings and global impacts on longwave and shortwave radiation were found to be nonnegligible, suggesting that cloud-mediated dust effects have significance in simulations of present and future climate.

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