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Marvel and Agvaanluvsan 2010

Marvel, K., and U. Agvaanluvsan, 2010: Random matrix theory models of electric grid topology. Physica A, 389, no. 24, 5836-5851, doi:10.1016/j.physa.2010.08.009.

The random matrix theory is useful in the study of large systems such as electric grids. These transmission systems can be modeled as complex networks, with high-voltage lines the edges that connect nodes representing power plants and substations. We draw upon established literature of complex systems theory and introduce methods from nuclear and statistical physics to identify new characteristics of these networks. We show that most grids can be characterized by the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble, an indicator of chaos in many complex systems. Under certain circumstances, however, grids may be described by Poisson statistics, an indicator of regularity. We use the random matrix formalism to describe the interconnection of multiple grids and construct a simple model of a distributed grid.

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ID  - ma09010f
AU  - Marvel, K.
AU  - Agvaanluvsan, U.
PY  - 2010
TI  - Random matrix theory models of electric grid topology
JA  - Physica A
JO  - Physica A
VL  - 389
IS  - 24
SP  - 5836
EP  - 5851
DO  - 10.1016/j.physa.2010.08.009
ER  -

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