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Matthews 1993

Matthews, E., 1993: Global geographical databases for modelling trace gas flows. Int. J. Geog. Info. Syst., 7, 125-142.

The design and development of global digital databases and their integrated use in studies of terrestrial sources and sinks of trace gases are discussed. Generic design characteristics that expand the utility of these databases are outlined including: heirarchical classification systems that provide for encoding and accessing data at several levels of detail, and fine spatial and thematic resolution which accommodate adaptations to a broad base of applications. The discussion follows the sequence of (1) developing primary databases on major surface characteristics, (2) selectively integrating combinations of databases to produce secondary data sets of source categories, and (3) combining information on source categories with fluxes to tertiary data sets of emissions. These procedures are demonstrated with the example of estimating and evaluating alternative global methane emissions from natural wetlands.

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