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Mazurek et al. 1974

Mazurek, T.J., J.W. Truran, and A.G.W. Cameron, 1974: Electron capture in carbon dwarf supernovae. Astrophys. Space Sci., 27, 261-291, doi:10.1007/BF00643877.

The rates of electron capture on heavier elements under the extreme conditions predicted for dwarf star supernovae have been computed, incorporating modffications that seem to be indicated by present experimental results. An estimate of the maximum possible value of such rates is also given. The distribution of nuclei in nuclear statistical equilibrium has been calculated for the range of expected supernovae conditions, including the effects of the temperature dependence of nuclear partition functions. These nuclide abundance distributions are then used to compute nuclear equilibrium thermodynamic properties. The effects of the electron capture on such equilibrium matter are discussed. The results of supernova numerical hydrodynamics incorporating the computed equilibrium properties and the influence of electron capture are presented. In the context of the 'carbon detonation' supernova model, the dwarf central density required to assure core collapse to a neutron star configuration is found to be slightly higher than that obtained by Bruenn (1972) with the electron capture rates of Hansen (1966).

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ID  - ma01600h
AU  - Mazurek, T. J.
AU  - Truran, J. W.
AU  - Cameron, A. G. W.
PY  - 1974
TI  - Electron capture in carbon dwarf supernovae
JA  - Astrophys. Space Sci.
VL  - 27
SP  - 261
EP  - 291
DO  - 10.1007/BF00643877
ER  -

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