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Makin-Knafo et al. 2020

Makin-Knafo, E., O. Carmon, E. Ben-Ami, G. Deknuydt, N. Regev, Y. David, U. Babczyk, T. Bergel, R. Govenzensky, A. Basis, T. Dovrat, A. Shem-Tov, K. Or-Phish, A. Zvigoren, K. Orff, T. Pawlowski, J. Lovecchio, G. Basic, S. Carter, O. Ronen, O. Potchter, M. Mandelmilch, M. Phillips, C. Braneon, J. Barnes, L. Belcic, S. Golan, L. Altman, L. Eisen, and E. Erell, 2020: Resilience Accelerator Tel Aviv-Yafo: Urban Heat and the Future of the Public Realm. Technical Report. Columbia University Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes.

The Resilience Accelerator (the Accelerator) is a program of the Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes (CRCL) at Columbia University to connect cities with design expertise and a global network of practitioners and researchers. Each Accelerator is sourced, in support of project development, and leveraging organized, and executed in partnership with urban resilience networks and practitioner organizations. Initially established with 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), today the Accelerator works with an expanded network of partners to enhance the resiience value of projects, generate investment opportunities, deepen relationships between project teams, and accelerate implementation plans. The Accelerator supports city partners directly responsible for the implementation of priority resilience projects and is enhanced by local academic partners that coordinate local research to advance the analysis, design, and planning explorations.

%In pursuiot of the implementation of Resilient Tel Aviv-Yafo, along-term and city-wide resilience strategy, the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo partnered with the Accelerator team to advance research and project concepts that help the city adapt to climate risk from heat. The effort is coordinated wit the city's comprehensive Climate Adaptation Pland and C40 Cool Cities Initiative.

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PY  - 2020
BT  - Resilience Accelerator Tel Aviv-Yafo: Urban Heat and the Future of the Public Realm
T3  - Technical Report
PB  - Columbia University Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes
ER  -

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