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Maddalena et al. 1986

Maddalena, R.J., M. Morris, J. Moscowitz, and P. Thaddeus, 1986: The large system of molecular clouds in Orion and Monoceros. Astrophys. J., 303, 375-391, doi:10.1086/164083.

A region centered on Orion and Monoceros that covers 850 deg2 of the celestial sphere was surveyed in the J = 1→0 line of CO, about 1/8 of that region showing emission, most of which arises from the giant molecular clouds associated with Orion A. Orion B. and Mon R2. Other obiects found and studied include two filamentary features more than 10° in length, a series of clouds distributed symmetrically around the H II region S264 apparently expanding away from λ Ori, and clouds associated with Barnard's loop and CMa OBI. A much smaller area was surveyed for 13CO emission. A comparison of cloud masses obtained by three independent methods shows that as a measure of cloud mass, CO luminosity is as accurate as other indicators. The total molecular mass for the region surveyed is 4.3×l05 M, and the masses for the Orion A and B and Mon R2 clouds are found to be 1.0, 0.8, and 0.9×l05 M. Possible relationships between some of the clouds in the survey are discussed, including the conjecture that the overall Orion complex of clouds is a much larger system than previously considered, incorporating most of the clouds seen in this survey.

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