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Lodenquai et al. 1974

Lodenquai, J., V. Canuto, M. Ruderman, and S. Tsuruta, 1974: Photon opacity in surfaces of magnetic neutron stars. Astrophys. J., 190, 141-152, doi:10.1086/152858.

Approximate expressions are derived for free-free, bound-free, and Thomson cross-sections of photons by gaseous matter in the presence of superstrong magnetic fields. For photons in modes whose electric field polarization is perpendicular to this magentic field, the cross-section is reduced by approximately the squared ration of the photo frequency to the electron cyclotron frequency if this ratio is small.

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ID  - lo04000r
AU  - Lodenquai, J.
AU  - Canuto, V.
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PY  - 1974
TI  - Photon opacity in surfaces of magnetic neutron stars
JA  - Astrophys. J.
VL  - 190
SP  - 141
EP  - 152
DO  - 10.1086/152858
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