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Little et al. 2007

Little, C.M., M. Oppenheimer, R.B. Alley, V. Balaji, G.K.C. Clarke, T.L. Delworth, R. Hallberg, D.M. Holland, C.L. Hulbe, S. Jacobs, J.V. Johnson, H. Levy, W.H. Lipscomb, S.J. Marshall, B.R. Parizek, A.J. Payne, G.A. Schmidt, R.J. Stouffer, D.G. Vaughan, and M. Winton, 2007: Toward a new generation of ice sheet models. Eos Trans. Amer. Geophys. U., 88, no. 52, 578-579, doi:10.1029/2007EO520002.

Large ice sheets, such as those presently covering Greenland and Antarctica, are important in driving changes of global climate and sea level. Yet numerical models developed to predict climate change and ice sheet-driven sea level fluctuations have substantial limitations: Poorly represented physical processes in the ice sheet component likely lead to an underestimation of sea level rise forced by a warming climate.

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