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Limaye et al. 1982

Limaye, S.S., C.J. Grund, and S.P. Burre, 1982: Zonal mean circulation at the cloud level on Venus: Spring and fall 1979 OCPP observations. Icarus, 51, 416-439, doi:10.1016/0019-1035(82)90092-6.

Cloud motions were obtained from a number of images acquired in reflected solar ultraviolet light during spring and fall of 1979 from the Pioneer Venus Orbiter Cloud Photopolarimeter (OCPP) to determine the zonal mean circulation of the atmosphere of Venus at the cloud top level. The meridional profile of the zonal component of motion is somewhat different from that previously obtained from Mariner 10 and preliminary Pioneer Venus observations, although the equatorial magnitude is about the same (-94 m/sec). The mean meridional motion is toward the south pole south of about 5° south latitude, and toward the north pole north of this latitude, with peak mean magnitudes of about 7 m/sec polewards of 20° north and 40° south latitudes in the respective hemispheres. From the few measurements obtained at higher latitudes the magnitude of the mean meridional component appears to decrease although it is still directed toward the respective poles. Due to the evolution of the cloud patterns over the duration of the images from which the cloud velocities are obtained, the uncertainties in the mean zonal and meridional components may be as large as 5-10 and 2-4 m/sec, respectively. Preliminary estimates of meridional momentum transport show that the mean circulation dominates the eddy circulation transport completely, in agreement with the estimates obtained from Mariner 10 data, although the uncertainties in both the mean and eddy circulation transports are large. The momentum transports are polewards and their peak magnitudes occur at latitudes between 20° and 40° in both the hemispheres.

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DO  - 10.1016/0019-1035(82)90092-6
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