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Limaye et al. 2021

Limaye, S.S., R. Mogul, K.H. Baines, M.A. Bullock, C. Cockell, J.A. Cutts, D.M. Gentry, D.H. Grinspoon, J.W. Head, K.-L. Jessup, V. Kompanichenko, Y.J. Lee, R. Mathies, T. Milojevic, R.A. Pertzborn, L. Rothschild, S. Sasaki, D. Schulze-Makuch, D.J. Smith, and M.J. Way, 2021: Venus, an astrobiology target. Astrobiology, 21, no. 10, 1163-1185, doi:10.1089/ast.2020.2268.

We present a case for the exploration of Venus as an astrobiology target — (1) investigations focused on the likelihood that liquid water existed on the surface in the past, leading to the potential for the origin and evolution of life, (2) investigations into the potential for habitable zones within Venus' present-day clouds and Venus-like exo atmospheres, (3) theoretical investigations into how active aerobiology may impact the radiative energy balance of Venus' clouds and Venus-like atmospheres, and (4) application of these investigative approaches toward better understanding the atmospheric dynamics and habitability of exoplanets. The proximity of Venus to Earth, guidance for exoplanet habitability investigations, and access to the potential cloud habitable layer and surface for prolonged in situ extended measurements together make the planet a very attractive target for near term astrobiological exploration.

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PY  - 2021
TI  - Venus, an astrobiology target
JA  - Astrobiology
VL  - 21
IS  - 10
SP  - 1163
EP  - 1185
DO  - 10.1089/ast.2020.2268
ER  -

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