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Lebrun and Huang 1984

Lebrun, F., and Y.-L. Huang, 1984: Nearby molecular clouds. I. Ophiuchus-Sagittarius, b > 10°. Astrophys. J., 281, 634-638, doi:10.1086/162138.

Emission from the 1→0 transition of carbon monoxide has been mapped over an area of 370 square degrees at 10° < b < 24° in the Ophiuchus-Sagittarlus region. This survey reveals the existence of an extended complex of molecular clouds, very close to the Sun and probably linked to the Aquila Rift, the ρ Ophiuchi Cloud, and more generally to the Gould Belt. The presence of this complex explains naturally, as a result of H2 formation, the deficiency of atomic hydrogen with regard to both the interstellar absorption and the γ-ray intensity observed in this region. The correlatIon between the H I deficiency and the integrated CO line intensity allows one to Infer molecular hydrogen column densities.

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ID  - le03200f
AU  - Lebrun, F.
AU  - Huang, Y.-L.
PY  - 1984
TI  - Nearby molecular clouds. I. Ophiuchus-Sagittarius, b > 10°
JA  - Astrophys. J.
VL  - 281
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EP  - 638
DO  - 10.1086/162138
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