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Lazaridis et al. 2007

Lazaridis, M., L. Dzumbova, I. Kopanakis, J. Ondracek, T. Glytsos, V. Aleksandropoulou, A. Voulgarakis, E. Katsivela, N. Mihalopoulos, and K. Eleftheriadis, 2007: PM10 and PM2.5 levels in the Eastern Mediterranean (Akrotiri Research Station, Crete, Greece). Water Air Soil Pollut., 189, 85-101, doi:10.1007/s11270-007-9558-y.

Particulate matter measurements (PM10, PM2.5) using a beta radiation attenuation monitor were performed at the Akrotiri research station (May 2003-March 2006) on the island of Crete (Greece). The mean PM10 concentration during the measuring period (05/02/03-03/09/04) was equal to 35.0±17.7 µg/m3 whereas the mean PM2.5 concentration (03/10/04-04/02/06) was equal to 25.4±16.5 µg/m3. The aerosol concentration at the Akrotiri station shows a large variability during the year. Mean concentrations of particulate matter undergo a seasonal change characterised by higher concentrations during summer [PM10, 38.7±10.8 µg/m3 (2003); PM2.5, 27.9±8.7 µg/m3 (2004) and 27.8±9.7 µg/m3 (2005)] and lower concentrations during winter [PM10, 28.7±22.5 µg/m3 (2003/2004); PM2.5, 21.0±13.0 µg/m3 (2004/2005) and 21.4±21.9 µg/m3 (2005/2006)]. Comparative measurements of the PM10 concentration between the beta radiation attenuation monitor, a standardized low volume gravimetric reference sampler and a low volume sequential particulate sampler showed that PM10 concentrations measured by the beta radiation attenuation monitor were higher than values given by the gravimetric samplers (mean ratio 1.17±0.11 and 1.21±0.08, respectively). Statistical and back trajectory analysis showed that elevated PM concentrations (PM10, 93.8±49.1 µg/m3; PM2.5: 102.9±59.9 µg/m3) are associated to desert dust events. In addition regional transport contributes significantly to the aerosol concentration levels whereas low aerosol concentrations were observed during storm episodes.

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