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Lacis and Carlson 1993

Lacis, A., and B. Carlson, 1993: Michelson Interferometer (MINT). In Long-Term Monitoring of Global Climate Forcings and Feedbacks, NASA CP-3234. J. Hansen, W. Rossow, and I. Fung, Eds., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, pp. 47-53.

MINT is a Michelson Interferometer designed to measure the thermal emission from the earth at high spectral resolution (2 /cm) over a broad spectral range (250-1700 /cm, 6-40 µm) with contiguous 3-pixel wide (12 mrad, 8 km field of view) along-track sampling. MINT is particularly well suited for monitoring cloud properties (cloud cover, effective temperature, optical thickness, ice/water phase, and effective particle size) both day and night, as well as tropospheric water vapor, ozone, and temperature.

The key instrument characteristics that make MINT ideally suited for decadal monitoring purposes are: (l) high wavelength-to-wavelength precision across the full IR spectrum with high spectral resolution; (2) space-proven long-term durability and calibration stability; (3) small size, low cost, low risk instrument incorporating the latest detector and electronics technology. MINT also incorporates simplicity in design and operation by utilizing passively cooled DTGS detectors and nadir viewing geometry (with target motion compensation). MINT measurement objectives, instrument characteristics, and key advantages are summarized.

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