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Lada et al. 1978

Lada, C.J., B.G. Elmegreen, H.-I. Cong, and P. Thaddeus, 1978: Molecular clouds in the vicinity of W3, W4, and W5. Astrophys. J., 226, L39-L42, doi:10.1086/182826.

A well-sampled survey of CO emission has been made over 16 square degrees surrounding W3 (Ie 1795), W4 (IC 1805), and WS (IC 1848), a chain of bright H II regions in the Perseus arm of the Galaxy. Two massive (∼105 M) complexes of CO emission are found, and a detailed examination of the complex associated with the W3-W4 region has been made. We find that the most recent OB star formation has taken place nearly simultaneously within three fragments of a long (∼36 pc) narrow (∼6 pc) high-density layer at the edge of a large molecular complex. The outer boundary of thIS star-formIng layer appears to be in physical contact with the extended ionization front surrounding the exciting stars of W4. Measurements of CO column density in the cloud from both within and outside the high-density layer are consistent with the hypothesis that the material in the layer has been swept up from the volume now occupied by the W4 H II region. Estimates of the effects of the available sources of Lyman-continuum luminosity and stellar winds indicate that the pressure from these sources may have played a significant role in sweeping up the observed layer during the 6×106 year lifetime of the W4 exciting cluster. The relatively recent onset of DB star formation within the layer provides strong observational

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DO  - 10.1086/182826
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