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Krueger et al. 2016

Krueger, S.K., H. Morrison, and A.M. Fridlind, 2016: Cloud-resolving modeling: ARM and the GCSS story. In The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program: The First 20 Years. D.D. Turner and R.G. Ellingson, Eds., AMS Meteorological Monograph 57, American Meteorological Society, pp. 25.1-25.16, doi:10.1175/AMSMONOGRAPHS-D-15-0047.1.

The Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) Cloud System Study (GCSS) was created in 1992. As described by Browning et al., "The focus of GCSS is on cloud systems spanning the mesoscale rather than on individual clouds. Observations from field programs will be used to develop and validate the cloud-resolving models, which in turn will be used as test-beds to develop the parameterizations for the large-scale models." The most important activities that GCSS promoted were the following:

* Identify key questions about cloud systems relating to parameterization issues and suggest approaches to address them, and

* Organize model intercomparison studies relevant to cloud parameterization.

Four different cloud system types were chosen for GCSS to study: boundary layer, cirrus, frontal, and deep precipitating convective. A working group (WG) was formed for each of the cloud system types. The WGs organized model intercomparison studies and meetings to present results of the intercomparisons. The first such intercomparison study took place in 1994.

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