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Jin and Rossow 1997

Jin, Y., and W.B. Rossow, 1997: Detection of cirrus overlapping low-level clouds. J. Geophys. Res., 102, 1727-1737, doi:10.1029/96JD02996.

A multispectral method is proposed to detect two-layer cloud systems with an optically thin (tau < 1.0) upper level (Pc < 600 mbar) cloud layer over a lower layer (600 mbar < PC ≤ 900 mbar) cloud layer of tau > 1.0, with at least 100-mbar separation. The method uses the results from different high-resolution infrared radiometer sounder (HIRS) channel combinations assuming a single cloud layer in the CO2-Slicing technique and is valid over both land and ocean. Two months of HIRS data (July 1989 and January 1990) have been analyzed with this method. Globally (excluding regions polweware of 60°) for HIRS fields of view (FOV) (about 17km at nadir) the fraction of such two-layer cludiness is 25.5% over land and 32.0% over ocean for July 1989 and is 17.8% over land and 25.6% over ocean for January 1990 (this is not the total cloudiness of two-layer systems). The global distribution patterns of two-layer cloudiness for these 2 months are also presented: the fraction of two-layer cloudiness is larger over ocean than over land; it is larger in the tropics and midlatitude storm zones and is smaller in the subtropical zones and marine stratiform cloud regions; over land it is lareger in the summer than in the winter at all latitudes; over ocean it is larger in the summer for the nothern hemispheric eastern Pacific region while is larger in the winer for all other regions. Qualitative comparisons to surface and upper air observations are also presented and are very encouraging.

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ID  - ji03000u
AU  - Jin, Y.
AU  - Rossow, W. B.
PY  - 1997
TI  - Detection of cirrus overlapping low-level clouds
JA  - J. Geophys. Res.
VL  - 102
SP  - 1727
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DO  - 10.1029/96JD02996
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