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Jiang and Fung 1994

Jiang, X., and I. Fung, 1994: Ocean response to surface heat anomalies. J. Climate, 7, 783-791, doi:10.1175/1520-0442(1994)007<0783:ORTSHA>2.0.CO;2.

An ocean general circulation model (GCM) is used to study the response of ocean heat and mass transport to positive and ngeative heat flux anomalies at the ocean surface. As expected, tropical and low-latitude mixed layers respond rapidly (e-folding time about 50-70 years) to external forcing, while the response of the high-latitude mixed layer, especially the Southern Ocean and northern North Atlantic, is very slow (e-folding time greater than 300 yr). The overall response is faster for negative than positive heat flux anomaly at the surface. The meridional heat transport changes by 15% in the first 50 yr in the southern high latitudes. Surprisingly, for the next 400-500 yr the change is very small. The analysis shows that the meridional mass transport intensifies in response to a negative surface heat flux anomaly but weakens in response to a positive heat flux anomaly. For example, at model year 100 the NADW is reduced from about 18 Sv to about 10 Sv for the positive heat flux experiment but increased to about 36 Sv for the negative heat flux experiment.

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