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Jethva et al. 2019

Jethva, H., O. Torres, R.D. Field, A. Lapustin, R. Guatam, and V. Kayetha, 2019: Connecting crop productivity, residue fires, and air quality over Northern India. Sci. Rep., 9, 16594, doi:10.1038/s41598-019-52799-x.

Northwestern India is known as the "breadbasket. of the country producing two-thirds of food grains, with wheat and rice as the principal crops grown under the crop rotation system. Agricultural data from India indicates a 25% increase in the post-monsoon rice crop production in Punjab during 2002-2016. NASA's A-train satellite sensors detect a consistent increase in the vegetation index (net 21%) and post-harvest agricultural fire activity (net ∼60%) leading to nearly 43% increase in aerosol loading over the populous Indo-Gangetic Plain in northern India. The ground-level particulate matter (PM2.5) downwind over New Delhi shows a concurrent uptrend of net 60%. The effectiveness of a robust satellite-based relationship between vegetation index — a proxy for crop amounts, and post-harvest fires — a precursor of extreme air pollution events, has been further demonstrated in predicting the seasonal agricultural burning. An efficient crop residue management system is critically needed towards eliminating open field burning to mitigate episodic hazardous air quality over northern India.

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