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Jastrow 1974

Jastrow, R., 1974: Sky reporter: How old is the universe. Nat. Hist., 83, no. 7, 80-82.

How old is the universe? In 1972 Allan Sandage, an astronomer at the Hale Observatories, announced new observations on the expansion of the universe that added several billion years to the previously acrepted value. Sand age's results suggest that the age of the universe is probably about 13 billion years and could be as great as 18 billion years. For comparison, the age of the oldest stars in our galaxy is about ll billion years. According to measurements of the ages of the moon rocks, the solar system is only 4.6 billion years old — a relative newcomer on the celestial scene.

The Sandage result is the latest in a series of steady increases in the estimated age of the cosmos that go back several centuries.

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