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Jastrow 1983

Jastrow, R., 1983: The Enchanted Loom: Mind in the Universe. Simon & Schuster.

This book is the third volume in a trilogy following "Red Giants and Whit Dwarfs" and "Until the Sun Dies". "Red Giants and Whit Dwarfs" was concerned largely with the astronomical setting for human existence, and relegated the appearance of man to its concluding pages. "Until the Sun Dies" condensed the astronomical setting and expanded the history of life, dealing at length with the forces that shaped man into its present form. The nature of the brain was discussed, but not in detai. The new book takes up where "Until the Sun Dies" left off. It recaps astronomical setting and the early history of life in the first chapter; then it focuses on intelligence and the brain: how the brain eveolved, the way it works, how it balances instinct and reason, what it is evolving into.

  • Portions previously printed in Science Digest in early 1981. ISBN 0671433083, 067147068X.

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