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Jastrow and Cameron 1963

Jastrow, R. and A.G.W. Cameron (Eds.), 1963: Origin of the Solar System. Academic Press.

On January 23 and 24, 1962, the Institute for Space Studies was host to an international group of scientists from many fields, gathered to discuss the origin and development of the solar system. The subject of this informal conference is one of the oldest unsolved questions of natural philosophy. The problem has continued to interest some of the keenest minds in the history of science, but relatively little progress has been made since the Eighteenth Century, owing to the scarcity of data relating to the problem. However, in recent years a great deal of relevant information has been secured from the investigation of meteorites. With the development of space exploration we shall soon be in a position to read the early history of the solar system as it is preserved in the surface fpatures and internal structure of the moon. The quickening interest aroused by these recent investigations and the future prospects for physical exploration of the moon and planets led to the organization of this meeting on the subject.

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