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Ito et al. 2020, submitted

Ito, G., A. Romanou, N.Y. Kiang, G. Faluvegi, I. Aleinov, R. Ruedy, G. Russell, P. Lerner, M. Kelley, and K. Lo, 2020: Global carbon cycle and climate feedbacks in the NASA GISS ModelE2.1. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., submitted.

A fully coupled-to-climate global carbon cycle has been implemented in the NASA GISS 23 ModelE2.1 Earth System Model. We present results from simulations of the historical and 1%/yr 24 increasing CO2 scenarios that were submitted to the sixth phase of the Coupled Model 25 Intercomparison Project (CMIP6). Atmospheric CO2 concentration and carbon budgets for the 26 land and ocean in the historical simulations were generally consistent with observations. 27 Differences in atmospheric CO2 were largely tied to simulated land carbon uptake patterns which 28 are strongly a function of land cover conversion trends. The CO2 fertilization effect and 29 warming-induced increases to leaf photosynthetic capacity maintain the ability of land to serve 30 as a net sink of carbon through the historical period. By the end of the historical period, with a 31 flattening in land cover change, the land is trending toward continuing as a net sink. The global 32 ocean carbon uptake agreed well with the observations with the largest discrepancies in the low 33 latitudes. The biogeochemically coupled simulations showed that climate change impacts land 34 more than the ocean, e.g., with ∼100GtC cumulative uptake difference compared to the fully 35 coupled 1%/yr increasing CO2 simulation. Ocean carbon uptake had a greater contribution to 36 total uptake at the end of both historical and 1%/yr increasing CO2 simulations in fully and 37 biogeochemically coupled modes. From the 1%/yr simulations, we computed carbon feedback 38 parameters at global and local scales and obtained values similar to the CMIP5 model ensemble, 39 except for the ocean carbon-climate feedback which was more negative.

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