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Israel and Wootten 1983

Israel, F.P., and H.A. Wootten, 1983: The molecular cloud complex associated with ON 1. Astrophys. J., 266, 580-595, doi:10.1086/160806.

Observations of CO with different resolutions near the compact H II region/maser source ON 1 are presented, as well as new H2CO and HCO+ observations. ON 1 is part of an extended molecular cloud complex with overall dimensions of 25×60 pc at a distance of 1.4 kpc; it appears to be the only site of star formation in at least the western part of the complex. ON 1 coincides with a compact and dense molecular cloud core (size 0.8 pc) that shows little sign of disruption indicating that ON 1 has only recently turned on. The isolation and apparent youth of ON 1 suggest that we observe here the very beginning of the star formation phase of a molecular cloud complex.

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JA  - Astrophys. J.
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