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Huang and Thaddeus 1986

Huang, Y.-L., and P. Thaddeus, 1986: Molecular clouds and supernova remnants in the outer galaxy. Astrophys. J., 309, 804-821, doi:10.1086/164649.

The study of extragalactic supernovae (SNs) suggests that Type II SNs, not Type I, tend to occur near extreme optical Population I objects (e.g., OB associations or giant H II regions), but the detection of these objects in our Galaxy is limited by heavy local obscuration. Large molecular clouds, which occur near most OB associations or giant H II regions and can be detected up to great distances, are the most easily used objects for studying the environment of SNs and identifying remnants of Galactic Type II SNs. We carried out a CO survey toward every confirmed outer Galaxy supernova remnant (SNR) from l = 70°-210° for a total of 26, and found that roughly half of them, within uncertainties of distance estimates, revealed spatial coincidences with large molecular cloud complexes. Most of the cloud complexes in these coincidences probably are the birthplaces of the progenitors of the corresponding Type II SNRs, because it is statistically improbable that the coincidences result from chance superposition.

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