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Huang 1985

Huang, Y.-L., 1985: Supernova Remnants and Molecular Clouds. Ph.D. thesis. Columbia University.

Since reliable, direct estimates of the distances to supernova remnants (SNR) are generally unavailable, associated objects of known distance may provide a good indicator. Although the study of extragalactic supernovae suggests that Type II remnants tend to occur near large optical Population-I objects, their detection in our Galaxy is limited by heavy local obscuration. Large molecular clouds, which occur near most optical Population-I objects and are detectable up to great distances, are probably the most plausible objects to search for an association with galactic SNRs. Our CO survey toward 26 SNRs (every known SNR from l = 70° to 210° and beyond the solar circle) found that roughly half of them revealed a spatial coincidence with large clouds; most of these coincidences are probably associations, because it is statistically improbable that they result from chance superposition. We use such associations to re-calibrate the Σ-D relation and establish a good distance scale (a standard deviation of 28% for the uncertainty of a predicted distance) for the shell-like SNRs resultant from Type II events.

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