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Hu and Igel 2023

Hu, A.Z., and A.L. Igel, 2023: A bin and a bulk microphysics scheme can be more alike than two bin schemes. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 15, no. 3, e2022MS003303, doi:10.1029/2022MS003303.

Bin and bulk schemes are the two primary methods to parameterize cloud microphysical processes. This study attempts to reveal how their structural differences (size-resolved vs. moment-resolved) manifest in terms of cloud and precipitation properties. We use a bulk scheme, the Arbitrary Moment Predictor (AMP), which uses process parameterizations identical to those in a bin scheme but predicts only moments of the size distribution like a bulk scheme. As such, differences between simulations using AMP's bin scheme and simulations using AMP itself must come from their structural differences. In one-dimensional kinematic simulations, the overall difference between AMP (bulk) and bin schemes is found to be small. Full-microphysics AMP and bin simulations have similar mean liquid water path (mean percent difference <4%), but AMP simulates significantly lower mean precipitation rate (∼35%) than the bin scheme due to slower precipitation onset. Individual processes are also tested. Condensation is represented almost perfectly with AMP, and only small AMP-bin differences emerge due to nucleation, evaporation, and sedimentation. Collision-coalescence is the single biggest reason for AMP-bin divergence. Closer inspection shows that this divergence is primarily a result of autoconversion and not of accretion. In full microphysics simulations, lowering the diameter threshold separating cloud and rain category in AMP from 80 to 50 µm reduces the largest AMP-bin difference to ∼10%, making the effect of structural differences between AMP (and perhaps triple-moment bulk schemes generally) and bin even smaller than the parameterization differences between the two bin schemes.

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ID  - hu04300i
AU  - Hu, A. Z.
AU  - Igel, A. L.
PY  - 2023
TI  - A bin and a bulk microphysics scheme can be more alike than two bin schemes
JA  - J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst.
JO  - Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
VL  - 15
IS  - 3
SP  - e2022MS003303
DO  - 10.1029/2022MS003303
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