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Hubickyj and Stothers 1986

Hubickyj, O., and R.B. Stothers, 1986: RR Lyrae stars: A theoretical study of Bailey type c variables. Astrophys. J., 309, 122-126, doi:10.1086/164585.

New theoretical models of stars pulsating in the first overtone have been constructed to simulate RR Lyr variables of Bailey type c. Despite the use of different opacities, these new models agree very well with earlier models built by Christy and Stellingwerf. Quantitative comparisons using empirical light curves and velocity curves of metal-poor type c variables confirm the validity of the models. Masses of 0.55-0.65 M and luminosities of 40-50 L, derived here for the type c variables, are consistent with previous results obtained for type ab variables. A Christy echo of the kind normally associated with fundamental-mode pulsators was detected in the interior velocity structure of one first-overtone model that happens to have a large velocity amplitude.

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