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Huang et al. 1983

Huang, Y.-L., T.M. Dame, and P. Thaddeus, 1983: A large molecular cloud toward the SNR W50 and SS 433. Astrophys. J., 272, 609-614, doi:10.1086/161323.

The CO 1 → 0 transition at 115 GHz has been mapped over an area of more than 6 deg2 toward W50, the extended SNR surrounding the peculiar object SS 433 (l=39.7°, b = -2.3°) . W50 is found to lie at the end of a filamentary molecular cloud 4° long and 1° wide that closely matches a conspicuous dust lane on the Palomar Sky Survey; the cloud's kinematic distance is within 2.2±0.7 kpc, in agreement with the distance 2-3.3 kpc estimated for the SNR, and its mass is about 1.2×105 M. Though there is little evidence of star formation in the molecular filament, or evidence of an interaction between the filament and W50 (or SS 433), the positional coincidence of the two, their similar distance, and their displacement nearly two molecular scale heights from the plane all suggest a physical relationship or common origin. One possibility is that both the molecular filament and the stellar progenitor of W50 were ejected from a large active molecular complex lying in the plane at l = 40°.

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TI  - A large molecular cloud toward the SNR W50 and SS 433
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