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Ho et al. 1968

Ho, W., I.A. Kaufman, and P. Thaddeus, 1968: Pressure-induced microwave absorption in N2. J. Chem. Phys., 49, 3627-3631, doi:10.1063/1.1670643.

Pressure-induced absorption in nitrogen has been studied at a frequency of 9260 MHz over the temperature range 238°-495°K and to pressures as high as 135 atm. Expressing the dielectric loss η" in the form, η" / ν = Aρ2 where ν is the frequency in cm-1, and ρ is the density, we find A = 1.7(1)×10-10(T/273)-2.5(2)cm amagat-2. The absorption coefficient α, in cm-1 is then α = 1.07(6)×10-9(T/273)-2.5(2)ν2ρ2. The molecular quadrupole moment for N2, calculated via the Kramers-Kronig integral, using the result of the present investigation as the low-frequency limit of α(ν) / ν2 and the far-infrared result of Bosomworth and Gush for N2 at 300°K, is then 1.5×10-26 esu.

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ID  - ho07400c
AU  - Ho, W.
AU  - Kaufman, I. A.
AU  - Thaddeus, P.
PY  - 1968
TI  - Pressure-induced microwave absorption in N2
JA  - J. Chem. Phys.
VL  - 49
SP  - 3627
EP  - 3631
DO  - 10.1063/1.1670643
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