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Hillel 2005

Hillel, D., 2005: Thermal properties and processes. In Encyclopedia of Soils in the Environment. D. Hillel, J.H. Hatfield, D.S. Powlson, C. Rosenzweig, K.M. Scow, M.J. Singer, and D.L. Sparks, Eds., vol. 4, Elsevier/Academic Press, pp. 156-163.

The soil temperature, as it varies in time and space, is a factor of primary importance in determining the rates and directions of soil physical processes and of energy and mass exchange with the atmosphere. Temperature governs evaporation and aeration, as well as the types and rates of chemical reactions that take place in the soil. Finally, soil temperature strongly influences biological processes such as seed germination, seedling emergence and growth, root development, and microbial activity.

Soil temperature varies in response to changes in the radiant, thermal, and latent energy exchange processes that take place primarily through the soil surface. The effects of these phenomena are propagated into the soil profile via a complex series of transport processes, the rates of which are affected by time-variable and space-variable soil properties.

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