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Hillel et al. 2005

Hillel, D., J.H. Hatfield, D.S. Powlson, C. Rosenzweig, K.M. Scow, M.J. Singer, and D.L. Sparks (Eds.), 2005: Encyclopedia of Soils in the Environment. Elsevier/Academic Press.

In four volumes, the Encyclopedia encompasses the present knowledge of the world's variegated soils, their origins, properties, classification, and roles in the biosphere. Concise articles surveying specific aspects of soils (soil genesis, soil chemistry and mineralogy, soil physics and hydrology, and soil biology) are complemented by articles covering cross-disciplinary aspects, such as the role of soils in ecology, the history of soil utilization for agricultural and engineering purposes, and soils in relation to the remediation of pollution and the mitigation of global climate change.

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