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Herschy and Fairbridge 1998

Herschy, R.W. and R.W. Fairbridge (Eds.), 1998: Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources. Kluwer Academic.

Publisher's description: The fresh water supplies of the Earth are finite and as the world's population continues to grow humanity's thirst for this water seems unquenchable. Intense pressure is being exerted upon freshwater resources and a lack of adequate clean water is seen as one of the most serious global problems for the 21st century. Indeed it has been said that the next war will be fought over water, not oil. Human health and the health of supporting ecosystems increasingly depends upon our ability to find, control, manage and understand water.

In a single volume, The Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources provides the reader with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the diverse field of hydrology. The intimate inclusion of material on water resources emphasizes the practical applications of this field, applications which are indispensable in any modern approach to the subject. This volume is a vital reference for all hydrologists, hydrogeologists and water engineers worldwide, whether they are concerned with the exploitation of new sources of water, the protection and management of existing reserves, or the science of surface water and groundwater flow.

114 eminent scientists from 17 countries worldwide have contributed to this authoritative volume. Superbly illustrated throughout, it includes almost 300 entries on a range of key topics, including arid and semi-arid zones, climates and climate change, floods and droughts, desertification, entropy, flow measurement, groundwater, hydrological cycle, hydrological models, infiltration, karst hydrology, paleohydrology, precipitation, remote sensing, river pollution prevention, rivers, lakes and seas, satellite hydrology, soil erosion, water treatment, water use, weather radar, and world water balance.

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